I see a white door, and I want to paint it black.




But if I do so, he will have a heart attack.

I see a brown floor and I want to paint it red.

But if I do so I will walk among the dead.

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About clotildajamcracker

oddball fiction writer and suburban food forest gardener. I'm into debt free living and tightwadding. I have lots of money saving tips and recipes, gardening advice and interesting stories on my website www.clotildajamcracker.net I am saving up to plant a huge food forest ecosystem using permaculture and other sustainablity methods that will save the earth from the evil minions who want to cover it with shopping centers, parking lots and factories. http://clotildajamcracker.wordpress.com/ My children's books are currently available on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=clotilda+jamcracker Some of my art is available at www.redbubble.com http://www.redbubble.com/explore/clotilda+jamcracker

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  1. Back in the day when I lived at my parents house – we were getting our bathroom re-done. By our bathroom – I mean – us kids living on the 2nd floor. When the guy who was doing the work saw the floor tiles & wall tiles that I selected – he thought yuk. As he was working with it & finished up – he thought – WOW. I know this because he told me. My dad thought the same thing – but – he said – it was our bathroom & if that’s what we wanted…
    The floor tiles were black with splashes of white. The wall tiles were shiny black. But – I only had him put them in certain spots. The look still remains many years after I left. :)
    I say – go for it.

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