Bound by the blood circle


When you’re a kid and someone in your immediate family does something outlandish and horrible like murdering, stealing money out of ding dong machines, and burning down bridges…everyone and their cat believes that you will have the same fate.  They believe that since you are related by the bonds of genetic DNA, then the blueprints for the future are already there, and there is nothing to stop you from becoming just like that bad evil relative. It’s called the blood circle.  You’re born into your destiny.  It’s given to you at birth. 


So shut up and stop trying so hard to be wealthy and prosperous.  It’s not going to happen.  You’re doomed.


This is Lewis.  Lewis Harvey.


Poor Lewis.  Nobody ever told him that his dad burned down that bridge and got sent to prison.  Nobody knew how to tell him when he was little, and when he grew old enough to be informed of the fact that his real father was a criminal and had been lurched no less than 17 times before he lost his mind and went on a rampage of destruction.

His mother was so upset that she cried day and night and ate nothing but ding dongs and ho hos. She thought about suicide, but she decided that she had to stay alive to protect her dear son from the Lurch.  She couldn’t commit suicide if she wanted to anyway because there was no longer a bridge to jump off.  The thought of this just made her cry more and eat more ho hos and ding dongs. 



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