When Violet was a little girl, her mother took her to Spain to dance at a bull fight.  It was to be her moment in the sunlight.  She had never been more excited in her entire life.  For days, weeks and months she looked forward to meeting the son of the Matador after a long and bloody fight.

But alas. The Bull did not fight.  The so called fierce and ferocious Bovine just sat on the ground smelling the flowers.  There was no fight, there was no blood and gore.  There was no bloodthirsty violence.  It was both embarrassing and bad for the Spanish economy.  Someone had to be blamed for the upheaval, so they blamed the French Family that had brought the dancing girl.    They sent them back to France and accused the little girl of carrying the evil eye.  The bad and evil eye that causes bad luck and calamity.


It is forbidden to use or carry the evil eye.  Posession of the evil eye will get you sent to Chesky Island.  And if you go to Chesky Island, you can never go back to the mainland ever again.  You are there for life.

They don’t beat around the bush in France.  They aren’t stupid there.  It is obvious who the culprit is, there is no need for the wishy wash. It is for this reason that prisoners aren’t read their rights right before they get sent through the tunnel of darkness and land on Chesky Island.

Violet didn’t have any rights.  She did what she was told.  She did what she was told and she still got in trouble.  How do ya like that?  You know why?  Because her mother was an idiot, that’s why.  But hey, you gotta stand by your family.  Right?

When Violet got to the island, she went to live in Terraced housing.  Do you know what a terrace is?  A terrace is a giant staircase made of long strips of houses.  It’s how the whole Island is built up on the South side.  The house Violet went to live in was house number 9, third house, downtown.



There were four in her family when they left that house.  And only two of them lived long enough to escape.

Violet Escaped with her mother, but they were soon found out and were sent right back to Chesky Island.  Unfortunately, when they got back, someone else was living in their house.  That’s the way it goes.  Hidden within the walls of the house were the directions for how to get off the island.  Violet’s mother hid them behind the plumbing before they left.  She left them there because if she ever got sent there again, she wanted to make sure she could find them again.  She hated Chesky Island and couldn’t imagine having to be trapped there for all eternity.

This is what was really going on.  Violet’s mother, I’m sorry to say, was a little bit loonie tunes.  She told Violet that they were going back to their Vacation home for a few months.  But when they didn’t get assigned the same house, she told Violet that the people living there were squatters and if they needed a place that bad then they could have it for all she cared.  She did need to get a magic amulet that she left in the walls, however, and she sent Violet over there time and time again to go searching for it.

Of course it wasn’t a magic amulet she was after.  She wanted a box of money, the map, and the list of directions and necessary items you need to escape.  She didn’t tell Violet they were prisoners.  She was too embarrased.

Nobody talks about being a prisoner, it’s forbidden.  And since nobody talks about it, kids grow up not knowing what on earth is really going on.  And when you have no clue what’s going on, it sort of seems like something isn’t right.  There’s a good reason for that.  If something doesn’t seem right, it’s probobly not.

A Long time ago in Spain

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  1. The moral to this story is that you should always, always check the Bullfight Program (that they sell out front for $45) and check out the name of the bull. Never, ever, expect to see a bull named Ferdinand fight….he’ll just sit down and smell the flowers until everyone gets mad and goes home–every time.

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