Foods that I am forbidden to speak of


These are the foods that I am not allowed to talk about:  Ho Ho’s and Ding Dongs.


People are selling these foods and getting away with it.  I don’t know why.  How is this happening?  I don’t understand.  I know someone is out there buying these foods too and I know what they’re thinking as they go to the checkout stand.  Hee hee.  I’m gonna go home and eat me some ding dongs.  How could that not go through your mind as you buy these things.  Are there people who don’t know the second meaning of the word ding dong?  I mean seriously.  Can you really eat them in front of your mother and not crack a smile? 

Here’s one you’ll never see.  Twinkies with kumquat filling.

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  1. Twinkies, ho hos and ding dongs are not quite as bad as some of the strangely worded restaurants throughout the non-English speaking world. And I’m not talking about Obama Fried Chicken either.

  2. Where are your old postings gone to. There was this wonderful story (real or invented? Or both) of your coconut-smuggling granny (if I remember it correctly) and you evil aunt. I used to enjoy that stuff. Have you turned it into a book?

    • Did you really like it the evil aunt thing? I haven’t put it in a book yet. I have been working on a different one. But now that I’m almost done and the kids are all in school it’s back to the blogosphere.

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      • I found it very funny! One of the craziest stories I have ever read. Unfortunately, I did not yet read all the parts and then you took it away ;-(
        If you publish it (maybe as a book on demand)) , I will buy one.

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